A Paris Love Story

This emotional and powerful novel transports readers back to the robust energy and romantic lights of 1920s Paris. It chronicles the life of Sophie Masson, a painter and healer and woman far ahead of her time. It is a story of culture, passion and self-discovery as she meets Jake, an irresistible American journalist, sent to Paris to interview the great artists gathered in France -- Hemingway, Picasso, Fitzgerald and others.  The way men think and react to love is put under a microscope in these pages.  The quickening plot takes readers from the glittering spectacular of the champagne-filled parties of Paris and the romantic countryside of northern France to the dark banks of the Seine. 


The book takes a penetrating look into a wide range of human emotions as everything Sophie and Jake believe in flies apart in the face of personal betrayal, international intrigue and the mysteries of underground Paris.  They must risk everything -- including facing Sophie's own explosive past -- to discover whether love is possible.




                             FOR THE AUTHOR and GODS OF OUR TIME

“Bowker is a well-known author whose books are a fascination to readers.”  -- London Books, London England.

“The writing is powerful and emotional. It’s a genuinely touching and romantic book, worthy of a large following,”  --  Uri Singer CEO of Passage Pictures.

“Bowker writes in a riveting and compelling style.” -- Publishers’ Weekly.

"Michael has big talent. I love his style of writing. I felt I was in Paris in 1925 every day when I read it." -- Masha Malka, best-selling author, Marbella, Spain. 

“The plot is refreshing. This is a powerful book full of intriguing characters, as a remarkable love story blossoms from a series of unlikely, yet fascinating coincidences.”  -- Daniel Dias, Head of Curation, TaleFlick.

“He can write in a chilling style…and he gets to the truth of things.”  -- Barnes and Noble.


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