More than a traditional romance, Gods of Our Time offers a dose of drama, relationship tension and self-exploration.  "The writing is powerful, the plot is refreshing and the dialogue and narrative balance maintain the pacing," wrote Daniel Dias, curator of TaleFlick and writer for Passage Pictures in Hollywood.

The story takes place primarily on the streets of Paris in 1925, as many of the world's greatest artists, from Picasso to Hemingway, gather there after the war to celebrate a time of energy, art, and romance.  Jake is sent from America to interview them, while Sophie settles on the West Bank in an effort to recover from the horrors that WWI brought to her childhood village in northern France.  Jake believes he is about to meet the 'gods of his time' but in two of the most memorable scenes ever written involving the two titanic artists, Jake suffers massive disillusionment when he encounters the painter and the writer.  That's just the beginning of the dark psychological and physical perils he faces in Paris. 

Sophie, a painter and healer ahead of her time, is pulled into a dangerous international intrigue and she and Jake find themselves in the mysterious underground of Paris -- with everything -- including their belief in love, on the line.



The cover of this book is an oil painting by Yuliya Lennon, one of the youngest female members of the Painters and Stainers Guild of England. The Guild is favored by the Queen of England and Yuliya is one of the rising stars in Europe. She created this painting specifically for this book.  

Paris cover painted by Yuliya two.png
Paris pix painting table cover.png