An award-winning investigative journalist, Michael Bowker has covered thousands of stories around the world, ranging from politics and true crime to profiles of famous people and the magic power of love and family.  "I love writing about ordinary people who find extraordinary courage and even love in dangerous circumstances," he said. "Those are the best stories."

He has written nearly twenty books published by Simon & Schuster, Random House, Crown, Rodale and others. He has also co-written and ghost-written several other books, which have sold more than one million copies.

Gods of Our Time is his first work of fiction.  "I loved every second I spent writing this book," he said. "I am usually a night owl, but I found myself going to bed early every night just so I could get up early to slip into the story again. It was total joy writing this book. I was in Paris every day in my mind."

Gods of Our Time has been optioned for a major motion picture.  "I'm also excited about that, of course. It has small elements of other films, like Midnight in Paris, The Notebook and a Farewell to Arms, but I think the storyline and characters are unique," he said.

Michael has contributed to dozens of national publications, and several of his stories were used as the basis for television movies and shows produced by CBS, Lifetime and other cable networks. 

However, he is most proud of his first ‘novel’, written when he was five years old.  It was a raging best-seller (his mom and dad both bought it), about some brave families crossing the West in covered wagons on the Oregon trail. They barely escaped the crossing of the Snake River because at age six, Michael believed it was full of snakes – some of whom could talk.  After moving to Seattle (he crossed the Snake River without incident), he gathered degrees in English and journalism.

After college, Michael worked for five years as a newspaper editor and reporter in Northern California, then left the newspaper to travel the world, writing for such publications the Los Angeles Times, Consumer Reports, Discover, Redbook, Science and Outside Magazine. He was also one of the most prolific writers of long-form dramas for Reader’s Digest during this time.


He has served as the Executive Editor for the nationwide Hispanic Business Magazine; founded and served as CEO of a non-profit for cancer victims and wrote nearly 250 speeches for a two-term Mayor of Los Angeles.

"Bowker writes in a riveting and compelling style," said Publisher's Weekly.  He is currently working on his second novel.